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Spooked-AppleDash by Laszl
Royal-Groupshot by Laszl
Lily-Lace by Laszl
Blizzard Sweep by DrakeSparkle44
Twilight Sparkle Wallpapers
Twilight - Wallpaper by Dropple-RD
Fearsome Twilight Sparkle by XBoomdiersX
Dark Twilight wallpaper by Legacy350
twilight sparkle wonderbolt by neodarkwing
Pinkie Pie Wallpapers
Pinkamena Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Pinkamena Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
pinkie pie wonderbolt by neodarkwing
Pinkie Pie Wallpaper by alanfernandoflores01
Rainbow Dash Wallpapers
RD's CM by Dropple-RD
Rainbow Dash: SonicBooms Into Battle by Digi-TheSaiyan
Tactical Dash - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Thundergod's wrath - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Applejack Wallpapers
Applejack Element of Honesty Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Epicenter - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Applejack Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Apple Action by Game-BeatX14
Fluttershy Wallpapers
Fluttershy Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Fluttershy Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Fluttershy Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Princess Flutters by Game-BeatX14
Rarity Wallpapers
Frosty Rarity by XBoomdiersX
Reaver of Generosity - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Sweet Rarity Wallpaper by XBoomdiersX
rarity wonderbolt by neodarkwing
Spike wallpapers
Mail Call! by Supremechaos918
Princess Celestia Wallpapers
Princess celestia wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Princess Celestia Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Wallpapers
Moon Rider - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Luna X Nightmare Moon Wallpaper by XBoomdiersX
Nightmare Moon Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
NIghtmare Moon Wallpaper by Supremechaos918
Princess Cadance Wallpapers
Cadence and crysalis wallpaper by Chromiapegasus
Shining Armor Wallpapers
Shining Armor Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Queen Chrysalis Wallpapers
Queen Chrysalis Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
DJ PON3 - AKA Vinyl Scratch Wallpapers
Vinyl Techno Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Octavia Wallpapers
Octavia Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Derpy Hooves Wallpapers
Derpy Hooves Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Sunset Shimmer Wallpapers
Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper by Rogue-Robot-Arts
The Great and Powerful Trixie wallpapers
Trixie Trickster Wallpaper by XBoomdiersX
Flash Centry Wallpapers
Lightning Dust Wallpapers
Lightning Dust Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Minuette AKA Colgate Wallpapers
Minuette Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Lyra Heartstrings Wallpapers
Lyra Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Bon Bon Wallpapers
Frederick Horseshoepin Wallpapers
Beauty Brass Wallpapers
Beauty Brass Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Zecora Wallpapers
Zecora Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
Mrs. Cup Cake and Mr. Carrot Cake Wallpapers
Fluffle Puff Wallpapers
Chibi Fluffle Puff Wallpaper by Supremechaos918
Daring Do Wallpapers
Ready For Adventure by Game-BeatX14
Cheerilee Wallpapers
Silver Spoon wallpapers
Silver Spoon Wallpaper by Midnight-Star234
Diamond Tiara Wallpapers
Berry Punch Wallpapers
Berry Punch Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Flitter Wallpapers
Flitter Wallpaper by Supremechaos918
Tirek Wallpapers
Tirek's Revenge by XBoomdiersX
Flim and Flam wallpapers
2 or more ponies Wallpapers
Vinyl and Octavia Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
The Apple Family members wallpapers
Applebloom Wallpaper 4 V2 by Midnight-Star234
Cutie Mark Crusader Wallpapers
scootaloo wonderbolt by neodarkwing
The Wonderbolts Wallpapers
RQ- Spitfire Wallpaper by Supremechaos918
Equestria Girls Wallpapers
Sonata Dusk - Wallpaper by AntylaVX
Original Character Wallpapers
Oh, I can't wait! by EmoshyVinyl
Other Ponies Wallpaper
Dancing Fillies WP (WallPaper) by MLP-Element
MLP Crossover Wallpapers
Crossover Wallpaper by NaziZombiesKiller
The Dazzlings Wallpapers
Dazzlings Wallpaper by Digi-TheSaiyan
Starlight Glimmer Wallpapers








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ZidaneMina Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016
NEver mind i figured it out! xD
ZidaneMina Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016
I messed up! i uploaded the wrong picture (its the same OC, but i did not upload the Wallpaper one) is there a way to fix that and remove the submission so i can upload the correct one?
SolyWack Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So it's only letting me put stuff in the featured folder. Is that right? I figured the featured folder was for like excellent stuff?
XBoomdiersX Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I will be putting the wallpapers in correct folders.
JubilationTree Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist
Thanks for adding mine, guys! :)
XBoomdiersX Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No problem we accept any pony wallpapers here
Midnight-Star234 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting all my wallpapers I keep forgetting to submit 

I would ask if I could be a Contributor or a Co founder or something but I know you'll say no XD
NaziZombiesKiller Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Artist
well you're wrong cause i say yes :3
Midnight-Star234 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
NaziZombiesKiller Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Artist
yesss :3
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